Using Recycled Materials

The last module that I did was the Materials Module, which was in the Engineering section. My group and I had to build or make a word out of recycle materials. The word that we chose was, COOPERATION. The five of us divided the work into equal parts, so everyone got 2-3 letters.

Trying to find recycled materials for our letters was pretty hard, but we didn’t give up. Some of us used recycled cardboard, foam, and even wood. The people that were in my group were, Angelica E, Selena A, Luz C, and Leslie M. Like I said before we split the work in half and my letters were O and T, and I used recycled cardboard for both of my letters.

Even though we all worked together it was pretty hard finishing our work on time. But we worked efficiently and as fast as we could. We finally finished our work and we had to hang it  on top of a shelf so everyone could see. First, we drilled holes in our letters and then we weaved a string through the letters. And finally we hanged it up.

By: Sara Villamizar

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