3rd Six Weeks Blog


This 6 weeks we did MediaTech again! We did videography which was so much fun!!! We had to shoot a video about our school and our mission as ARS students. We shot different places in our school such as the cafeteria, the track, the stars on the ceiling the hallways and all the beautiful motivational quotes and words on our walls. We also recorded our voices saying the missing statement and put it in the background of our video as well as a bunch of fun music such as “fergalicious” and “Under The Sea”. It was really funny and made our video really fun to watch!!

This module was really cool because I always loved photography and I learned a lot of photography skills in this module. I learned about rule of thirds and lots of other different shots taken by photographers that give you the best picture possible. Now I really am more inspired to do Media Tech for HS!!!

I learned lots of skills from this module. I learmed how to manage my time and with something that was difficult. Taking this video we had to try lots of different shots and we lost a lot of our videos so we had to reshoot a lot but overall it was really fun!! I now know how to make a music video, and actually it’s so much easier than I thought! The hardest part was trying to come up with a way to make all of our groups ideas fit together… but we made it work!!!!

This six weeks was so much fun… I hope I get to work with media tech and my amazing group for the maker project!!!

by Maddie I

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