Independent 😏

ARS is all about us becoming great young women leaders and for me pltw helps a lot. In pltw we don’t necessarily have a teacher that is always there, what I mean by this is that yes we do have a teacher but we have a teacher that wants us to become independent. In our class we are not all doing the same module. We all have different modules that my group and I chose. We have to make a schedule and passe our self’s and make sure that everything is done the day its assigned or even earlier, because trust me when we don’t have a teacher that is right there every single second we get off task and this is where us ( the great young women leaders) have to become event better independent leaders. We have to start making a schedule being independent because trust me you have to have your work done the time is due. You have to become the independent one and this helps a lot because when ever we grow up and go to college we have to become very independent and it wont be that hard because we are great young independent women and a big part of that is thanks to ARS and pltw which helps us each and every single day become more independent. 👍

-Litzy Santana

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