Our modules, Our struggles 🎆

Hey everybody its litzy 🙂

Today I will be doing a blog talking about PLTW, Our modules  and our struggles. Pltw is a class that comes with several fun things and several obstacles which aren’t always fun. For example each 6 week we have to write a blog and every week or so we have to do a module.  Here is where our struggles come in, sometimes the modules we pick are HARD or whatever you want to call it the thing is that they are not easy. Then we have a deadline with each module, and of course we have 90 minutes to work on our module in class but sometimes that is not enough. For me last week my bridge was due and me and my group had to face some really big struggles, we didn’t exactly turned it in on time but we had to go and work on our bridge during lunch or after school. The thing is that us as great leaders that we are have to take that step and find a time to go and finish what we  started and not just don’t care about it but if sometimes you find yourself in a struggle then try your best to talk to your teacher and try your best to find a way that you can finish anything you started.


Our class (PLTW)  has a lot of requirements that come with it but just try your best because in the end it will all be worth it.😁

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